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Therapy in times of telehealth

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Аs technology advances, we are all witnessing it entering all areas of work. Many oppose it, thinking that technology will take over their jobs, but on the contrary, modern technology can only improve and simplify the work. Especially now with covid19, technology enables us new ways of developing existing businesses. It has opened up new horizons for therapists, through telemedicine and telehealth they still have a chance to help their patients and get on with their daily work.

What has made this possible is the Patient Management Systems that are becoming more and more of a necessity in the therapy practices. We are aware that telemedicine is a new concept for therapists, but the faster they adapt to change, the sooner they will get back on the track.

The need for telemedicine in therapy practices

Every beginning is difficult especially when you are already used to a certain way of working, but in every situation, we need to find the positive side. The bright spot in this turmoil was the breakthrough of telemedicine.

Until now, patients who could not physically come to their appointment had the opportunity to be realized by phone call. And it all worked great, but it's different when you have the chance to notice the whole behavior of the patient, including body language, which can not be captured through a telephone.

Video therapy with Kailo

With Kailo, therapy practices can perform video therapy with the patient at the appointment that they choose. Patients can follow the session from anywhere, which increases the chance of doubling the number of patients even though they do not live near the practice. This also guarantees that in case the patient has to move out of the city for whatever reason he/she can remain loyal to you and all those years of recognition will not be in vain. Because there is no need for physical presence, patients do not waste time in traffic and they have no room to be late. How many times has it happened to you on the first appointment of the day that the patient is late and after that the whole schedule is shifted? You can avoid all these inconveniences through video therapy and no one needs to spend extra time. The job of the therapist is to get to know the patients and help them right? And what better place than in the comfort of their home in the place where they feel most relaxed. As mentioned above it’s important to analyze the whole behavior during the session of the patient. The same goes for the environment that he lives in. To get to know someone you have to see where he/she spends most of their time.

It’s a fact that due to the new situation there is not much room for adaptation and we all need to react quickly to changes, but Kailo is designed to simplify that adaptation of modern technology in the world of therapists. The system is so easy to understand that there is no need for additional courses or instructions.

To see all the features that Kailo has to offer, book a demo, and upgrade your therapy practice!

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