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The importance of patient onboarding

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Telemedicine is not a new concept anymore, but that doesn't mean that everyone is familiar with it. Research has shown that telemedicine is a huge convenience for patients, but many are having trouble adapting to modern technology implemented in the healthcare system. You must keep in mind all the patients who visit your clinic. Some people avoid technology thinking it is something complicated and they would not be able to cope.

The impact of the patients

When applying a patient management system to your clinic or practice you must get the most user-friendly, a system that will not drive patients away but will attract new ones. What experience your patients share with their acquaintances has a huge impact on the clinic's reputation. Patient experience is what defines your clinic or practice. This includes the scheduling process, the care and treatment for the patient, the relationship with them and the overall experience. That is why every step taken must be tailored to their needs. Since you have decided to implement PMS you are probably familiar with all the benefits it offers. However, you should also show those values to your patients.

Getting your patients on board

In many cases, it is not enough just to say it to the patients but it is necessary to demonstrate it to them. By walking them through the platform slowly step by step, they will see that it only takes one click to register and a few more to make an appointment on the date and time that they want. Let’s not forget telemedicine, the most useful tool out of all, at least to the patients that are not able to come physically to the practice no matter the reason. Just think of your elderly patients how easier “going to the doctor” will be and they will not feel the pressure of being a burden to their children but on the contrary, will feel very independent.

Presenting how the platform works will only take 5 to 10 minutes and very little effort, but the outcomes are what matters. When patients see how simplified the whole platform is and its intuitive design and interface, they will have more confidence to use it. This will increase the use of telemedicine and patient management systems in general.

Kailo the user-friendly platform

Kailo is a platform designed to make your job easier and improve the whole patient experience. It offers all the necessary tools for flawless work and the best part is that both staff and patients can adapt to it easily. If you want to experience for yourself how simple it is to demonstrate to patients, schedule a demo and let us present to you Kailo.

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