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As a medical provider, it is inevitable to face many competitors. However, you should be aware that it is very normal and healthy to have competition because they motivate you to be better, more innovative and to offer something that they do not have. Competitors help you awaken your creativity and will never let you rest. This is beneficial because it helps you keep your focus on the growth of your practice.

In a sea filled with competitors, you should always find a way to diversify your services from others. But how do you do that? There is a simple answer to that. Digitalization of services and implementing technology to optimize your work.

Patient management system

People love simple things and things that will make their daily lives easier. When planning to make changes in your practice to separate yourself from others, first think about your patients and keep in mind that any change should only make things simpler. The fact is that there may not be too much difference you can make in services compared to others, but the difference can be made in the overall experience of the patient from the moment of appointment to the last treatment. And that experience can be enhanced by implementing a patient management system in your practice. The patient management system will change the way your practice is functioning, but for the better and will upgrade the general picture of the practice. What is so special about this system and how will it separate you from others that don’t use it?

Important features of a patient management system

The patient management system is created to optimize your workday and also, to reduce all the unnecessary steps that the patient has to go through before coming to the appointment. These are only few of the features that will put you ahead of the competitors.

  • Scheduling and rescheduling an appointment

This system allows you to better the experience of the patient in a way that traditional scheduling by the phone never will. Managing appointments online is a win-win situation. When the patient wants to make an appointment, all the available terms will be displayed on the page, and with only one click they can choose the time they want. Besides, if the patient changes their mind about the appointment or something comes out and they are unable to come they can cancel or reschedule all by themselves. This way you will skip the whole part with scheduling appointments which takes a lot of your time and your focus will be 100% on the main work.

  • Notifications

In general, patients do not show up for an appointment because they have forgotten and have not received any reminder from the practice. Kailo's patient management system provides automated reminders. Every patient on the day of the appointment will receive a notification and there will be no excuse why they did not show up. The number of no-show ups will be reduced and your practice will be more coordinated.

  • Telemedicine

Telemedicine is one of the features that will change medicine forever. With a fast-paced lifestyle, we all hardly find time to dedicate to things that are not in our daily routine. Telemedicine makes it easier for us to do at least one job at home. It is practical for both the patient and the doctor because it does not require physical presence. This allows you to target patients even outside of the city that the practice is located.

  • Medical Records

How many times have you been unable to find patient documentation or record what was said at the previous treatment? Digitizing all patient data reduces the chances of this happening. Besides, patients can access their data at any time and do not have to worry about remembering what was said at the end of the treatment. This reduces the whole paperwork and eliminates the need for patients to call the clinic if they need any information related to them.

How Kailo will help you

There are many platforms to choose from, but Kailo is designed for both sides. Kailo will not only help you swim away from the competition but also will put your practice on a new path and will broaden the horizons. Making the right decision is not easy that is why you should book a demo and see for yourself how fast you can turn your practice around.

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