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Reduce no-shows and close care gaps with automated notifications

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Why patients no-show

With today's pace of life, it happens all the time that patients schedule and even confirm their time but never make it to the appointment. We’ve all been there — a missed dentist, physiotherapist, or doctor appointment because it slipped our mind to add it to our calendar or we simply forgot to show up.

One of the most common problems that cause a significant loss of monthly income in medical practices is the no-show of patients and the downtime caused by this situation. It’s a frustrating situation for physicians. Especially when you told another patient that you couldn’t see them today. Even more frustrating.

Phone reminders are thing of the past

Most of the medical practices have taken measures such as traditional call reminders, or they are sending SMS and email reminders or added a cancelation fee, and yet no-shows continue to be a problem.

Luckily, we live in times of innovative technology, so we can firmly say that there is a magic bullet to solve this problem. These tools not only help you prevent no-shows but they also improve patient experience at the same time.

Although phone calls are more personal, they are becoming outdated. Your patient may answer busy and not pay attention or never answer the phone. Also, they are more time-consuming for your staff. Using an automated service for notifications and reminders is a more secure and better idea.

Automated notifications and reminders: The new norm

An example of an emerging technology that you can use is the automated service for managing appointments with patients by SMS and synchronized with your calendar. This is in charge of reminding your patients about their appointments and allows them to confirm, cancel, or reschedule.

How does this help you minimize no-shows? Even though patients prefer to schedule a doctor’s appointment by phone, they prefer to have an online scheduling option. But, definitely, they feel more comfortable to cancel or reschedule online. So, offering them the option to do it online and remind them on time, the will do it earlier and you will have time to schedule another patient at that time. Also, by providing them the option to reschedule you show care and concern about their health and this helps you to establish a stronger bond with your patients.

Kailo is not just about software. Our main focus is the patient experience and the journey of physicians and health professionals during treatments and medical appointments. That’s why we included the feature of “automated notifications and reminders” in our system, to improve the satisfaction of your patient and help you focus on the core of your job - healthcare.

It’s a win-win for everyone! Request a demo now, and find out about this and other features that Kailo offers.

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