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Challenges when implementing telehealth

Telemedicine is becoming an essential part of the business plan of many hospitals and clinics. There are many known benefits associated with telehealth and the main one is that it allows you to continue caring for patients wherever they are . However, each new change brings challenges that need to be anticipated before implementation and telehealth is no exception.

Telehealth challenges

Many people pay attention only to the positive aspects of telehealth, but what happens when they encounter a problem they did not anticipate. These are the challenges you should consider before implementing telehealth into your clinic.

  • Patient onboarding and engagement

Despite the fact that telehealth is not a new term in medicine, some patients are still refusing to accept it. Telehealth providers must take action to educate their patients about the benefits of telemedicine, how to use the platforms and services, and ensure that their data is secured. It all depends on the providers how easily and quickly the patients will adapt to the system and the new change. To engage your patients with the new way of working and overcome this obstacle there are few steps you have to take. You have to inform them about your telehealth offerings, send them instructions that they can download, enable online scheduling and automated reminders of the appointments, and digitized data that they can access any time.

  • Technical equipment - Image and video quality

Patients expect online appointments to be of the same quality and significance as an in-person appointment. Image and video quality are a priority when it comes to the quality of telehealth appointments. Most of the video programs can not support all types of visits because they do not offer high-resolution images and video quality, so doctors like dermatologists, plastic surgeons, otolaryngologists, and similar can not treat their patients through a camera. If you want to meet the expectations of your patients, choose a platform that offers video and image quality needed for your clinic.

  • Patient data integration

Telehealth allows you to digitize all patient data. However, that data must be entered manually previously. Telehealth platforms are designed to optimize the paperwork, so when choosing a platform choose the one that will allow you to seamlessly integrate all written notes during the treatment into the patient database. This will save you time and all your records will be up-to-date at all times.

The telehealth platform Kailo

Kailo is a platform that has already solved all these challenges and is the perfect product for implementing telemedicine in this clinic. It has all the necessary features that are designed in a way that will facilitate the whole process of implementation. If you want to see it for yourself, book a demo.

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