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Boost productivity and patient experience with advanced shift planning

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Many small (and not so small) private practices continue to rely on handwritten schedules or complicated spreadsheets. Having to work on shifts and schedules around vacation time, personal requests for time off, and other elements sometimes can be exhausting for the managers and administration staff and the road to scheduling excellence can be full of challenges.

Advantages of advanced shift planning

The advantages of having a system that automates this type of task are numerous. You can efficiently manage rooms and physicians’ schedules, which leads to reducing wait time, attending more patients, and maximizing revenue. After creating the shift planning for the week or month, patients or administrative staff can easily schedule an appointment by having the available hours of the physicians, which saves time, boosts productivity, and improves the patient experience.

Advanced shift planning with Kailo

With Kailo, you don’t need to spend hours on the phone scrambling for replacements. Now you can build and manage optimized shifts and assignments in days, weeks, or months, with slots and breaks, increase room or location utilization, and improve your physician performance. You just need to choose the physician (treater), the treatment type, the location or room, define the duration of each appointment (slot), and mark the period of time in days, weeks, or months and save it. After this, this shift is reflected in the calendar view where patients can see the availability of selected physicians and schedule an appointment.

Easy peasy! That’s one of the most valued qualities of Kailo, that it’s software but the technology is unnoticeable. It’s made for non-technical people, so medical staff doesn’t need to struggle to learn the system but it exists to help them provide better healthcare and attend more patients.

Sounds good so far? See for yourself - book a demo!

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