Kailo Patient Management System

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About our Patient Management System

Are you already offering treatment services and finding it difficult to manage the available booking hours for each doctor or therapist?


KAILO Patient Management System is a solution with advanced capabilities and significant features that streamlines the work of the most demanding healthcare professionals


With Kailo Patient Management System you have all the appointments automated, showing up-to-date availability and you can easily handle cancellations, modifications, and set up automatic confirmations. 


It offers statistics and reports that you can export and provide you with up-to-date important business analytics. 


KAILO has a user-friendly interface, so it’s a perfect solution for the medical team and not technically-oriented people. The system is accessible via computer, tablet or mobile phone, using the same user-friendly interface.


Inside the Patient Management System, doctors and therapists have access to their patients’ profiles and cases, so you get additional feature for patient management that streamlines the treatment process by keeping the team focused and organized, and at the same time offers a great experience for the patients.

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